10 Bombshell Sex Symbols From the 90s Who Are Still Absolutely Stunning

I myself am a ’90s girl. I just didn’t know it at the time.

But looking back, I see the lipliner and remember listening to Hole for the first time. I certainly owned more butterfly clips than I’ll ever be comfortable admitting. Grunge, plaid, and brown lipstick are just three reasons why the ’90s was not an easy decade to be sexy.

Yet somehow, there was an overload of female celebrity sex symbols for my young and awkward self to admire in awe. Maybe the ’90s weren’t so bad after all. Hell, compared to the ’80s, they were some pretty proud years.

After all, we walked away with a serious slew of sexy celebrities who’ve since been deemed the sex icons of the decade. And what’s even more amazing than the surplus of sex pots the ’90s delivered, is how many of them are still seriously smoking hot today.

Here are 10 sex symbols from the ’90s whose sex appeal will just not quit.


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