12 Creative Ideas for an Animal-Inspired Wedding

So you’re a bit of an animal lover. Well, maybe a little more than a bit. But hey, if you’re planning a wedding you’ve already beat the “forever single cat lady” stereotype. Why not keep those human friends of yours on their toes with something even more surprising Having your dog serve as the ring bearer isn’t the only way to include your pet, or other animals in your wedding day. And you don’t have to get married in the forest to find a reason to include animals in your own way. Here are 15 ideas purrfect for a four-legged loving bride and groom. take a look!

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    Heads or Tails: Show guests the their seats with these miniature gilded animals.

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    Safari Cake: Lions, tigers and frosting. Oh my!

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    Masked Emotion: Have a tub of animal masks for some added mystery and an excellent photo op for guests.

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    Horsing Around: Because unicorns are never a bad idea. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

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    Deer Wedding Cake Topper ($39): Go from “I do†to “I doe.â€

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    Via etsy

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    Furry Friends: Well if this isn’t the prettiest flower girl we ever did see.

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    Via The Knot

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    Animal Invite: We can’t think of an invite better-suited for a ceremony at LA’s Natural History Museum.

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    Chicken Out: These feathered fellas sure do make things a lot more playful.

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    ngle Alter: We’re all about the alternative alters, especially this safari inspired one!

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    Animal Cracker Crunch: Send guests home with this simple snack for one last animal act.

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    . Octopus cozies: Take things nautical with a beer’s best friend.

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    Sheep Table Topper: Make your day wooly special with this little guy.

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