20+ Kids That Have No Idea How Funny They Are

Forget seeing your child accepting a graduation diploma or walking down the aisle. The biggest pros of having a kid are the endless laughs you have when raising them. Bored Panda has collected a list of hilarious reasons why kids are never boring, and it’ll make your day. From staging funerals to informing random strangers their pants are down, these moments prove that – intentionally or not – a child can become the funniest comedian in a matter of seconds and start performing their bit in the most unexpected places. Scroll down to check out the entries, upvote your favorites and if they don’t satisfy your hunger for giggles, fire up a list we created earlier about the 25+ other times kids made everyone laugh out loud.

#1 My Friend’s Daughter Made Him A Birthday Card

#2 “When Your 3-Year-Old Tells Man At Mc’Donalds That His Pants Are Falling Down” (Friend’s Photo)

#3 This Kid Was A Fart For Halloween

#4 My Daughter’s Christmas List

#5 We Had A Local Elementary School Decorate Paper Bags For Earth Day And I Found This One We Had Left Over. This Kid Lol

#6 Toddler Says: “Heck This”

#7 My 11-Year-Old Has Started Drawing Fat, Middle Aged Batman At The Beach And It’s Everything You Never Knew You Needed In Life

#8 My Old School Asked Kids In Preschool What They Wanted To Be When They Grew Up

#9 When I Babysit My Niece She Makes Me Play Operation. Her Favorite Part Is When She Dies And We Have A Funeral For Her

#10 Toddler Was Asked To Feed The Cat

#12 My Mom Said This Was One Of My Favorite Things To Do As A Child

#13 Barbie House Rules

#14 At 5 Months Old My Son Already Has The Best School Photo Ever

#15 I Might Need To Have A Talk With My Daughter, But I’m Not Sure What I’d Even Say

#16 My Friend’s Son Struggling To Pick Up A Book

#17 How I Find Out That My Son Tried To Access My Tablet

#18 I Too Have A Daughter Going Places

#19 Lil Sister Weird

#20 My 7-Year-Old Sister Loves Dinosaurs But My Parents Got Her A Dollhouse For Christmas. This Is What I Came Home To Tonight

#22 Our 6-Year-Old “Ran Away” Yesterday So We Told Him We Love Him And To Come Back If He Needs Anything. He Came Back And Took The Cat

#23 “Gently Kiss The Dolphin”

#24 Feared The Worst When My Marine-Turned-Cop Neighbor Called Me Saying “Come Quick… My Kids… There’s B*inaudible* Everywhere… Wife’s Gone…”

#25 I’m A 42-Year-Old Male – I Grew Up With Female Cousins – Look What Those B**ches Used To Do To Me

#26 My 2-Year-Old Just Handed Me This Action Figure And Asked Me If It Was My Mother-In-Law

#27 My Friend Got Her Daughter’s Basketball Team Pictures Today

#28 Daughter Hacker

#29 My 3 -Year-Old Nephew Asked If Grandma Bear Was Talking On Skype

#30 My Child, The Realist

#32 Son To My Wife: “Mommy , Let’s Play Army Guys. You Can Be This Guy Because He’s Vacuuming”

#33 In The Hospital With Pancreatitis, This Is The Get Well Soon Card And My Daughter Drew For Me

#34 Grapes Couple

#35 My Son Takes His Superhero Role Too Seriously

#36 My Daughter And My Puppy Fight Over Who’s Going To Warm Their Butt On The Vent In The Morning. The Baby Won Today. The Puppy Is Pouting About It

#37 My Buddy Just Posted This Photo Of His Nephew During His Christmas Nativity Play. Not A Single F**k Was Given That Day

#38 Of All The Animals He Has My Son Wanted These Two And Only These Two To Watch Him Eat His Bacon And Eggs. He’s One Cold Son Of A B**ch

#39 Found This While Helping My 5-Year-Old Son Clean His Room. He Said It’s For “Just In Case”

#40 What My 2-Year-Old Daughter Chose For Her Halloween Costume

#42 These Are The Children Waiting For The School Bus In My Neighborhood. Thursdays Are Just Hard

#43 My Little Cousin After An All-Day Wedding Affair (The Suitcase Contains His Travel Toys)

#44 My Son Is Practicing His “Benevolent Dictator” Wave

#45 This Kid Was 11 Years In The Future

#46 My Daughter Is So Considerate

#47 My Son, At Age 7, School Assignment

#48 I Work At A Summer Camp And This Was One Of My Camper’s Post Cards He Sent Home

#49 I Took My 3-Year-Old Son To The Zoo. I Think He Learned A Lot About Animals

#50 My 5-Year-Old Fast Asleep. Second Night He Has Slept In This Costume

#52 My Photogenic Sister As A Child

#53 I Am A Lawyer, My Son Told Me He Had To Tell Me Something, But First Wanted Me To Sign This

#54 My Son Has Conquered The Photobomb

#55 My 5-Year-Old Insisted On Dressing Up As Groot To See The New Guardians Of The Galaxy

#56 A Journal Entry From My 6-Year-Old

#57 Chicken Wings In The Bathtub

#58 It Occurs To Me That Despite Living In The Country, My Kids Haven’t Spent A Lot Of Time On Farms. Said My My 6-Year-Old While Driving Past A Field:

#59 My Son Took A Nap On His Daddy And Woke Up A Super Villain

#60 This Is My Daughter

#62 My Daughter Looks Like She Lives In A Van Down By The River

#63 That’s Just 4 Things

#64 Friend’s Little Brother Was Told Not To Blink During School Picture Day

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