Kendall Jenner Trades In Bare Ass For White Pants At The Met Gala!

Kendall Jenner looks fantastic on the 2018 Met Gala red carpet. She’s sleek, chic, and… not at all daring.

Unlike last year, when she flaunted her flawless skin with a fully nude-backed sequin number, this year she’s on theme with… purity we think?

Photos: Also, Didn’t Kim Wear Almost This Exact Thing Last Year?

Is it just us, or was she too scarred by that whole Pepsi debacle to ever try to make waves again? It seems like her fashion decisions since then have been on the tamer side, including this one.

The only thing dangerous about this white jumpsuit is if someone spilled Pepsi on it…

[NOTE: Yes, Pepsi technically happened before the Ball last year, but prob not far enough in advance to not already have a look planned.]

​[Image via Getty Images.]

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