Match with your favorite LaCroix beverage and truly live the summer of your dreams

Ah, LaCroix. The fruity seltzer water has an almost cult-like following on the internet. As with anything in the internet spotlight, LaCroix has attracted its naysayers, but still, hipsters and Instagram influencers everywhere stan the sparkling beverage.

If you’re one of those passionate LaCroix fans looking for a way to express your love for the barely-flavored water and ’90s pastel aesthetic, you’re in luck. Public Space, a Los Angeles based online shop run by designer Eric Wu, has debuted a LaCroix swim suit. That’s right. LaCroix lovers can now match their favorite beverage as they sip it poolside.

The suit is available in five styles (for the different flavors, of course).

Are you more of a zesty Lime? Or do you keep it cool and collected like Pure? Do you have a bit of a passionate side that you want to express with Passionfruit? Or are you more sweet like Cran-Raspberry? Or are you the most iconic of them all — Pamplemousse?


Image: Public Space

Available in trunks and suits!

Image: Public Space

Unleash the ultimate millennial aesthetic this summer and embrace all things LaCroix. The trunks are available for $39.50 and the one-piece is $49.50, but that’s a small price to pay to achieve peak LaCroix summer #aesthetic. 

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