Passengers Stop Bus From Crashing After Driver Has A Stroke Behind The Wheel

For many people, public transport can feel like a nightmare. Whether it’s getting on a subway in sweltering heat, or just having to share a cramped bus with somebody who insists on eating their McDonald’s – riding with the public is rarely fun. However, after reading this story, you’ll not only feel incredibly lucky that this never happened to you, but you’ll also be thankful for your fellow commuters watching your back.

It was a nightmare come true for 30 passengers on a bus in East China recently. The driver of the vehicle suddenly slumped over, leaving the bus to careen, uncontrolled, over to the verge of the highway.

Security footage from the bus shows Li Ming, the driver, suffering a stroke and falling unconscious after driving for 17 hours without rest from Pingyang, Zhejiang Province. Luckily, a few of the passengers noticed the situation and quickly stepped in to heroically steer the bus away from danger.

You can watch the harrowing footage below. Mr. Li is slumped over in his seat and is only held in place with nothing but his seatbelt. His body dangles as the bus continues moving forward at a frightening speed with no one behind the wheel.

Check out the stunning footage here: 

Xie Shangpan, a 45-year-old businessman onboard sprung into action and was one of those who prevented what could have been a deadly situation. He had been taking a nap, but after feeling the bus sway and hit a roadside barrier, he knew something was wrong.

He managed to reach the driver’s seat and take control of the bus. He then was able to pull it over to the side of the road and come to a complete stop without further incident. No passengers were injured. However, CPR was performed at the scene on the driver, who was immediately rushed to the hospital.

“The bus was going zigzag like a snake. I didn’t have time to wear my shoes and ran up to see what happened. I felt the bus hit the crash barrier, so I thought the driver had fallen asleep and wanted to wake him up,” Xie Shangpan told Zhejiang Radio.

“Then I saw the driver completely unconscious, dangling by the air. If not for his seat belt, he would’ve fallen straight onto the floor. I was so shocked I couldn’t even make the sounds to call for help. All I wanted to do was steady the steering wheel,” he added.

Mr. Xie also noted that they were very lucky no other vehicles were around the bus at the time or the situation could have been much worse. It’s a miracle no passengers were hurt and that Mr. Xie was able to bring the bus to a safe stop without causing an accident.

With the help of several other passengers, the driver was taken off the bus and emergency services were called. A few people attempted to resuscitate the driver and he was able to regain consciousness at the scene.

“About three, four passengers performed CPR on the driver until he gained consciousness and they sent him on a stretcher,” Mr. Xie said of the driver.

It has been reported that the diver has received treatment at a nearby hospital and is in recovery after suffering from a stroke.

Have you ever taken an overnight bus journey? How do you feel about drivers like Li Ming working for 17 hours non-stop? Perhaps this story is a sign that drivers need to work in shifts, or at least be given substantial breaks. Lives could depend on it.

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