Stephen Colbert Fires Back at Melania Trumps I Really Dont Care Jacket: We Do

When Stephen Colbert first heard that Melania Trump would be traveling down to Texas to visit immigrant children being held in detention centers without their parents, he thought, OK, this is what first ladies often do. You go to a troubled area, they see the children, they show that we care. You cant mess that up.

Then he saw her jacket.

Guess what? he asked. I spoke too soon.

The Late Show host had to stress to his audience that the photo of Melania Trump wearing a jacket that reads in huge white letters, I REALLY DONT CARE, DO U? on it was, in fact, real. We checked it so many times, because we thought, this has to be fake, Colbert said.

Thats what they settled on? he asked. What was her first choice, a jacket that says, WOMP WOMP?

Colbert said that Melania forgot the most important piece of fashion advice: before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off that jacket. He went on to joke that a lot of clothesand facial expressionsthe first lady wears already project the message that she doesnt really care.

In response to media inquiries about the wardrobe choice, the first ladys spokesperson said, Its a jacket. There was no hidden message.

Right. Its definitely not hidden, Colbert said. Its right on the back. And Im going to guess this is one message she did not steal from Michelle Obama.

How many people would get fired for this at a normal White House, he asked. One? Five? The entire executive branch? Because in the middle of the worst moral scandal in recent memoryso bad that her husband backed down for the first time in memorypeople who were supposedly on her side let her get on a plane with a jacket that said, I really dont care, do u?

For the record, Colbert concluded, we do.

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